LOCAL SEARCH & REVIEW SITES: Week #15 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0]

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Indiana University, School of Education, Room Curtis J. Bonk, Ph. Office: W. Wright Education Bldg. IST Dept. School of Education, IU. Phone: mobile available upon request. E-mail: CJBonk indiana.

Office Hours: as arranged. Instructional Assistant:. Meina Zhu: meinzhu umail. Instead of passive consumption-based learning, we are living in a participatory age where learners have a voice and potentially some degree of ownership over their own learning. Here at the start of the twenty-first century, emerging technologies and activities — such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, ebooks, YouTube videos, massive open online courses MOOCs , simulations, virtual worlds, and wireless and mobile computing — are generating waves of new opportunities in higher education, K schools, corporate training, and other learning environments.

Amid this rising tide of expectations, instructors across educational sectors are exploring and sharing innovative ways to use technology to foster interaction, collaboration, and increased excitement for learning. It is time to take advantage of the new participatory learning culture where learners build, tinker with, explore, share, and collaborate with others online.

It is also time to utilize free and open educational resources, opencourseware, learning portals, and open source software across educational sectors and income levels. Some of you will create and publish a cross-cultural Wikibook. Others will create video blogs, and still others will design YouTube-like videos.

Some might even flip their classrooms. Still others will enroll in or perhaps even teach a massive open online course MOOC.

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The syllabus for this course is purposefully long. In an age when eyeball-to-eyeball learning is no longer necessary, effective online instructors do not simply teach, but moderate, coach, and assist in the learning process. Today a teacher, trainer, professor, or instructional designer often assumes the role of concierge with a wealth of freely available tools and resources to guide her learners. In this more open twenty-first century learning world, anyone can learn anything from anyone else at any time.

After the course, students should be able to many of the items below not all :. Explain and demonstrate the educational benefits of emerging learning technologies such as virtual games, augmented reality, synchronous conferencing, online tutorials, podcasts, wikis, blogs, virtual worlds, simulations, social networking software, digital books, mobile books, etc. Track and report on trends related to emerging learning technologies.

Frame learning technology trends and issues from broader psychological, social, cultural, and educational perspectives. Critique articles and review books related to emerging learning technologies. Use, recommend, or create online resources and portals in a variety of educational settings. Design an innovative research or evaluation project related to online learning;. Successfully submit research, grant, and other proposals related to learning technologies, open education e. Recognize and potentially contact many of the key players and scholars in the field of online learning, open education, MOOCs, and emerging learning technologies.

Consult with organizations to develop strategic plans or evaluate the effectiveness of e-learning courses, programs, and events as well as MOOCs, open education, Web 2. Make recommendations regarding online learning initiatives, programs, and strategies as well as various emerging learning technologies, open educational resources, and innovative and nontraditional forms of educational delivery.

Obtain a model, guide, or framework for thinking about new technology tools and resources in education. Use this framework for strategic planning reports, retreats, consulting, and other situations where a macro lens on learning technology and educational reform is needed.

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Obtain the skills to train fellow teachers as well as learners in emerging learning technologies and pedagogically effective instructional activities and approaches. Nothing required!!! The world of learning should be FREE!

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Technology Tools we might try out :. Total points will determine your final grade. I will use the following grading scale:. Lateness Policy: I usually accept anything turned in within 48 hours of the original due date. After that, students lose 2 points for each day that it is past due without an approved reason. Directions: Videostreaming live in Zoom and recorded each Monday at pm:.

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Option: Watch the archived recording in Canvas. Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4. Week 5. February 5 Extreme, Nontraditional, and Adventure Learning.

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Week 6. Week 7. Week 9.

26-Week Internet Marketing Plan FRAMEWORK http://www.26weekplan.com/framework

Week March 26 Interactive, Global, and Collaborative Learning including wikis and learning spaces. April 2 Shared Online Video and Audio. April 9 Flipping the Classroom. April 16 Mobile, Wireless, and Ubiquitous Learning. Note: Learners and participants in this class can find their own articles for any week of the course and ignore any assigned articles in the syllabus.

However, such self-directed participants are asked to place their list of alternative articles found, skimmed, or read during that week in the discussion thread in Canvas for that week. Best of luck in your journeys. Tidbits and Videos 40 points : Besides reading assigned articles each week, during the semester, I want you to read at least 80 total tidbits during the semester from the list of tidbit readings or about 5 or 6 per week preferably more than 80 tidbit articles; about half of which should be from tidbits from weeks in March and April.

Typically, these are very short online news or magazine articles. I also want you to watch at least 5 videos listed below related to our course or similar ones that you find.

1. Duke Continuing Studies

On February 26, you will turn in a list of your top 40 tidbits read so far best ones at the top; including at least 10 from March and April…i. You might also note a few tidbits that you did not enjoy. After those lists, I want you to reflect for single spaced pages on what you learned from those tidbits. I am not asking you to summarize each article or video; instead reflect on your learning in general. What themes, trends, or concepts were clarified for you?

What new insights did you gain? What inspirations did you feel? You might include brief comments at the beginning or end of the paper on why you ranked the tidbits and videos the way you did. I will send an email with examples upon request. Be creative. Take a look at the examples provided.

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Post your tidbit reflection to Canvas or your Dropbox account or send to me via email. Summarizer and Starter Activities Related to the Readings 40 points : At the start of each week, I want one person in the online section of this class to post a short summary to Canvas or Course Networking The CN on at least 4 of the main articles assigned for that week. That person is the starter for discussion. Other students will add to their conversation with their reflections and reactions.

At the end of the week, you might react and reflect on the class discussion that transpired as well as the questions and concerns raised.